Wednesday, November 17, 2010

November 16 - Weigh-Less Tuesday

All in all I did not find this outfit too inspiring ... but it was okay for a day at the office.  Although I was feeling sassy, the outfit seemed to be lacking something.  I do think I'll wear a different top next time - and possibly other shoes, just plain brown ones.  Because of the decor on the blouse and the flower, I opted not to wear anything around my neck, but I think it was lacking without.
Miss Tequila insists on being in the room, them stands at the door desperate to get out ... she probably thought she'd heard G-mans bike.
Just me - in need of a hair cut.

I'm quite enjoying the 'flower' details and accessories in fashion at the moment.

Skirt - Merien Hall at Edgars
Cami - Woolworths (bought in a set of two, the other one is black)
Jacket - Mr. Price
Shoes - Kelso at Edgars.
Pink studs - Miladys.


  1. I think I know what you mean. The cut and design of the elements are perfect, they mesh in exactly the right way, and the outfit as a whole flatters your body-type but... there's an absence of flash. Perhaps it's the muted colors.

    It is a fine outfit for work and ordinary life. And flowers are always pretty accents.

    Thanks for the sweet comment this morning. I was marveling at how early you wake up until I remembered there's major time-difference where you live. I tend to forget that.

    One of the biggest mistakes in my life, which I still feel guilty about, was calling an Internet-friend who lives in New Zealand at, what was there, 4 in the morning! I just forgot the time-difference and was surprised by her groggy "Hello??"

  2. Very pretty! I love the silhouette here!

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