Thursday, November 11, 2010

November 10 - Whacky Wednesday

Just a side note : I tend to be a bit of rebel and a wee bit stubborn ... our office is pushing us to wear a black pullover on Wednesday, which I would consider doing if it were not made of the cheapest yukkiest nylon 'knit' ever in creation.

Skirt and shirt - Legit (I usually don't  buy there as I find their styles are very 'young' but this skirt was hanging on my ankles begging to go home with me - who can resist that kind of beggine?)
It has a criss-cross lace on the 'almost' waist - I think they should have gone all the way to the top of the skirt, so it does look a little odd at the top and I like the stitching at the bottom - rather a military style look to the skirt. 
This is one I'll definitely wear in winter with my new jacket G-man bought me about a month ago.
Necklace - Contempo
Shoes - Brand = Juliette
Ring - Truworths (big and chunky - but it's a little loose :-( )

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  1. Your commentary about the skirt is amusing but the shoes really steal the show -- they're fabulous!


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