Monday, November 1, 2010

November 1 - Maniac Monday

So another Monday arrived way too soon as usual. 

This morning, there was a weaver on the road, man did he get my blood pressure up.  At one point I slammed on brakes and said 'just go idiot' to which he had some choice words, and luckily I could not hear them.  I then drove off, and lo and behold he did not get any further ahead.  At about this point, I felt as though my big toe on my right foot was getting extra air.  When I got to the office ... ta da ... the shoes had split ... hmmmm, what an interesting Monday thus far.

But, it did not get me down, as I had a 100% legitimate excuse to get a new pair of shoes.  In all honesty, you can stick your finger through the hole.  So off I dashed to Truworths, as they're the nearest and purchased the shoes I'm wearing in my photos. 
My G-man biker babe was mimicking me here.
 Outfit details
Top - Contempo (previously worn here)
Skirt - Not sure of the stores name, but it's one of the many 'Chinese' stores around.
Belt - Edgars
Shoes - Truworths
 I look decidedly drunk in this picture ... lol, but I think this skirt sits perfectly on the hips.  The waist of course is too big and I had an issue the entire day with the belt sliding off the skirt as there are not belt hooks.  I think I will add some for next time.
Showing off my necklace ... it works hard.

All in all, I really like how this outfit turned out ... think I'm getting groove back :-)

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  1. Great outfit. I love the color-palette and the print of the top. The necklace and belt add nice touches. And any excuse for new shoes is a good excuse!


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