Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday stuff

The way you dress
makes a difference
in the way you work.
When your image signals
success, your success
potential increases.

I think this quote so very true ... I love watching 'How do I look' and am always amazed at the difference in how the women carry themselves after their makeover, I think I'm more amazed thought that so many think there's nothing wrong with how they look to start with, but be that as it may, you can visibly see their shoulders straighten and their posture improves 99%.

Deep down I have a fear of losing the plot and ending up having to be overhauled and set straight, so if you suspect that I'm losing the plot, let me know.


  1. It's funny and true. When I dress up for work, I subconsciously value myself more and work better than when I go in sloppy.

    We don't have that show here. It sounds like, "What Not To Wear."

  2. I agree!! It's all about your state of mind. I've seen people dressed impeccably, who looked nervous/miserable/depressed. And I've seen people wearing the strangest, most mismatched ensembles, who strut around with total confidence, and it works!


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