Thursday, October 28, 2010

October 27 - A new addition

So this skirt was a new addition to my wardrobe ... I bought it about two weeks back (shhhhh, don't tell anyone but I totally blew the TGAAD) as well as the white shoes ... I really needed the white shoes ;-)

 I felt the t-shirt was too 'heavy' and that a cream or white would have looked better, but since I was running late, I had run out of 'try on' time.  Above, meet Tequila ... she's now a Fashionista wanna-be doggie too.
 Then Miss Bean did her latest trick - this is now becoming a daily thing, one of the kids jumping in the photo - maybe they should just take the pictures cause the quality on this camera is disappointing!
Skirt - Merien Hall at Edgars
Ruffled t-shirt - Pick 'n Pay (Cherokee I think - is that the Walmart or Target Brand State side?) - a gift from my Mom for my birthday
Jacket - Fashion Express
Shoes - Fashion World

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  1. Gorgeous skirt. A really nice print and it hangs perfectly. The white shoes are nice, too.


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