Thursday, October 21, 2010

October 21 - Thursday Floral

Dress and shoes - Truworths

Belt - Edgars

I love this necklace, but it seems to 'unravel' and I fiddle with it but it seems to keep bunching,
but I still enjoy it.
Necklace - Contempo
Gold Earrings - Truworths

She's got the schoolgirl tan ... I'm envious as I don't have a tan at all.

G-man and I went shopping after work and when we went into Woolies they had some items marked down by 70%!!!  There was not a lot to choose from but I got a grey waistcoat and a military style jacket - although it's very wintery looking, I'll save it for next winter as I've seen by the USA and UK magazines that it's still hot.  There was a cute denim bomber style jacket, but I needed a size bigger. 

I had every intention of buying it myself, but he gifted me them ... shhhhhh but I think he wuves me :-)

Tomorrow is Friday ... what am I going to wear.

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  1. I love this pretty dress! And the family photo is too precious!


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