Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My look for the day

So I really feel today's outfit is boring and the fact that I'm feeling ueber nauseous as well is not helping. 

It's simple cream trousers, a biscuit coloured strappy top and a white ruffled shirt that my mom gave me for my birthday.  I considered a belt, but it didn't look right, I tucked the shirt in and that also didn't look right, I considered changing the top underneath, but by then had run out of time and ideas, so I left it as it.

This is the exchange G-man and I had earlier ... he's so sweet
G- man : You look very mmmmmm today.
Me : Mmmmmmm boring in my opinion … but thanks my love
G-man :Not spunky / sassy but I think its really nice.
On to other stuff ... I started class last night.  One hour every Monday.  I need to start making study notes and read over the info we were given last night.  I also need to put a file together to put the papers in.  April/May next year I'll be writing 4 subjects to finally, at the age of 44, get my matric.  I did three some years back and then babies and stress and a stay in Europe slowed me down.  But, here we go, wish me luck.
I'm feeling very bored and so wish I could go shopping for a few skirts and belts and maybe even some tops.  However, I really do think that I'm going to spend some time taking photos of whats in my wardrobe and attempt to find new 'mix 'n match' ideas.  I do however need a few more summer skirts.  I wear a lot of pants but think that this summer I'm going to make an effort to wear more skirts and dresses ... of course though, that means I need to buy said skirts and dresses ;-)
School is back in session, the strike is off for 21 days and who knows what's going to happen in 21 days time.  I do hope that an agreement is reached between our Government and the Civil Servants.
Well, it's a beautiful blue sky day again in Jo'burg ... wish I were sitting outside with my book and a shandy under a big shady tree.  That would be a little piece of heaven.

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