Monday, September 6, 2010

Meet me on Monday


1. Do you wear socks to bed? 
Yes, when it's cold as I have naturally very cold feet, so much so that I jump myself if I touch my legs with my feet.

2. Do you have any pets? 
We sure do ... 3 dogs and two cats.
First up is my boy Lucky - he's a gorgeous Red Main Coon.  Was adopted and took at least two years for him to settle down ... he owns me, or at least thinks I'm his personal human sleeping spot. 
Next is Miss Chino ... my ex mother-in-law was given her and she asked us if we'd take her.  She's a gorgeous kitty with blue eyes and as sassy as the day is long.  She has more character than any one kitty needs.
Next is Tequila - she's the pavement special that my eldest daughter Taryn adopted.  However, since Taryn moved to the USA Tequila has become Graeme's shadow.  She's sweet and lovable and just a real smart little dog.  She's the indoor dog of the family.

Then we have Jody and Baron who are Graemes German Shepherds ... they are gorgeous.  Baron has the sweetest nature, but he likes to steal undies and bury them in the garden ... socks and knickers are fair game to him.
(Pictures will follow when I find them)

3. What topping(s) do you like on your pizza? 
Vegetarian, especially peppadew, mushrooms, olives and avo

4. What time do you go to bed? 
Around 10:30 - sometimes at 19:00 if I've had a few bad nights, but mostly I try to be under the covers by 10:30 - I don't always fall asleep that early though.

5. Would you rather get free chocolate for one year or free potatoes forever? 
Hmmmm, could i ask for gummy bears in stead?


  1. Hi Wendy!

    I added this post to the linky!!

    LOVE your cats!!!

    Thanks for participating and have a great week!!


  2. I just found you on the Meet me on Monday blog hop and now I'm a new follower. Stop by and see me too if you have a chance.

    Carol-the gardener


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