Monday, July 26, 2010

The weekend that was

My everything is sore this morning ... thumbs, buns - the lot.

But much was achieved.  Missy is kitted out and sitting on a bus on her way to Blyde River Canyon with her school.  The above bed, thanks to G-man is fuller and planted ... and thanks to me, the pavement is weeded.  And, thanks to the little men and G-man, there are just a few of the previous owners rocks left outside.  The Man moved mounds of sand, the boys cleared the stones and worked their tails off.
Even the dogs gave a hand or two.  The ugly patch above is now covered in soil from the pavement and getting more level and pretty soon, the ugly rockery will be gone - just give me enough time.
Slowly, slowy and as the neighbour said, Rome wasn't built in a day. 

My niece waxed miss boo, we out for a yummy dinner with our neighbours and I'm sitting at my desk wishing I had 8 more hours of weekend :-).

I shall do more pictures when I get home, should I remember of the bed as it looks now.

I do enjoy a pretty garden and going to the nursery and seeing all the pretty flowers blooming ... the promise of summer - it's just around the corner now.

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