Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Pictures to the right of yesterdays 'school ma'am outfit' as my boss referred to it.  One of the other guys asked why I was looking so 'official'.  Personally I felt a bit old-lady-ish in the outfit.

  • Skirt - Legend at Makro

  • Shoes - Rage

  • Lilac Shirt - gifted from my sister about 4 years ago

  • Scarf - birthday gift last year from another of my sisters

  • Pearls and earrings - not sure

I had in fact woken early to see Bean off for her camp, then gone back to bed and thought I'd just snuggle down for a while, but then I fell asleep and then when the alarm rang, I simply ignored it and ended up being a little late.  The hair thankfully can be

Sorry for the poor quality of the photos - they're taken with my phone, but I like that I can upload them to the web instantly.  Wish I could do that with my normal camera instead of first having to download etc.

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  1. Love the Flickr photostream!
    Rage shoes are divine!


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