Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I scrapbooked ... finally

I've been saying for two years now that I need to get going on my scrapbooking and after three attempts at these pictures in the last couple months, I finally got them done on Saturday.  I'm happy I finally got started - maybe now my scrap-mojo will start to make it's way back to me.  Between the relationship, house move and all the other bits that make up my life, it was challenging to get my head straight.

I'm not an elaborate scrapper and find a lot the latest styles overbearing, almost biggie best-ish and don't like having to hunt out the photo.  I'd say Cathy Zielske and Becky Higgins are my inspiration and scrap-style icons.

You may notice that the second page is off centre - it was not intentional, but I used the border from the first page and had not centre the pattern when I cut it.  But, since I try to veer clear of perfectionism, I am going to keep this as it is.

Next on my 'Scrapbook To do List'?  Boy oh boy, there are thousands of photos to choose from, but I'm going to attempt to get this little guys school album updated.  Only three years of school pictures and first day of year and it will be up to date.  I need, for my sanity, to get one album up to date and since his school album is all of 5 years, it's manageable, and his Grade 0 photos are done too.

'Til later - have a fabulous day.

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