Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Catch up

I've been MIA due to the craziness of my life the last couple weeks.  A roundup of the import happenings follows :

Feb 16 : Spoke with the Deputy head at my childrens primary school as my big boy was not coping and was having very angry outbursts, where he spat in his sisters face and coaxed another boy to hit his younger brother.  School books show he's battling and he says he's not coping.
Feb 18 : First visit with the psychologist - suggests anger management training and that psychometric tests be done.
Feb 20 : Two hours of psychometric testing done.
March 2 : Meet with psyhcologist and get a brief outline of the outcome of the testing.  Am told that the big boy is M.A.D. at the older sister.  No clear indication available as to why!
March 4 : Receive psychologist and psychometrists report - T.A.I.L.S.P.I.N.  Spelling below grade.  Reading below grade.
March 9  : Take all three the little people to optometrist for eye tests.  All three need glasses, however, big boy needs to be checked by an Opthalmologist first.
March 15 : Big boy started phonic lessons - love love love Aunty Jayne.

Somewhere in between this, we discovered a water leak that was hosing down my corner pantry cupboard.  Eeeek.  At first we thought it was due to the upstairs shower being blocked earlier in the week, however, it turned out that there were two leaks in the piping.  It's been more than two weeks and my corner cupboard is STILL packed out on the stairs!

Please please please let the renovators come this week for the sake of my sanity and our nannies!!

I don't know how much longer I can live with the craziness of our house like this.

Some before and present photos


How it looked the day we got the keys, see the missing door - don't even ask!
This picture taken about a month after we moved in - starting to take shape.  Painted the kitchen about three shades darker than it was when we moved in.  Just love the colour.
Fat Chef clock above back door from Mr. Price Home.
Pictures above sink from Builders Warehouse.
Wicker baskets Mr. Price HOme.
Schatzi putting up the new light, see the painted workbenches - just love the cherry red they're painted in.
And a rare viewing .... me in the lift at the office this morning
Red handbag : Nine west
Trousers - Charter club at Edgars
White top - Edgards
Black and grey bead necklace - Edgars
Silver stacked bangles - Truworths
black patent wedge heeled peep toes - Truworths
Yellow beach tote - gift with purchase of Aromatics by Clinique.

Really crappy quality picture - but me all the same.

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  1. Oh, I'm sorry you're having one of those weeks. I can totally identify with your cupboard contents being spread everywhere - our fridge-freezer just died, so apart from a big feast last night, most food is going in the bin :)
    You look extremely well put-together, all of that considered!


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