Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Definition :absurd
adjective ridiculous or unreasonable; foolish in an amusing way:
What an absurd thing to say!
Don't be so absurd! Of course I want you to come.It's an absurd situation - neither of them will talk to the other.
Do I look absurd in this hat?

In my inbox from my sister accompanied by pretty pictures of vouchers:

Hey guys,

Christmas is just over 15 weeks away – yikes!! Here is a cost effective and thoughtful idea – what about making vouchers for friends and family to spend time with YOU? Surely this is more valuable than a bought gift? There are many free voucher templates available on Google Images (some examples below (sorry not included in the post) . I hope that this idea is valuable to you.
My reply :
I’m stunned that we feel the need to give those we love and care for a ‘voucher’ to spend time with us. With all the time saving gadgets and goodies in our lives, should we not be more accessible than this?

How very sad our society has become!
Is it really just me that finds this absurd! I mean honestly, can we not find the time in our diaries to spend time with those we love, we share ourselves a little more freely ... to sometimes tell the world to 'hang on' - they ones I love need me!. Could we not rather give a voucher to someone who we know loves our chocolate cake, or flower arranging abilities, or decorating or sewing abilities, or organising abilities, writing etc.
Now that to me would be a voucher!

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  1. You should go to this site:


    Click on the "promo video." One of my friends sent me this last Christmas. And I swear. It CHANGED MY LIFE!!!


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