Friday, November 14, 2008


... so in an economic climate where recession is hitting hard and business' are closing down left and right and the real estate market in particular is taking a serious beating, you'd think, or at least I think, when there is a potential client, the selling agent would jump at servicing said potential client? Or do I have this backwards per chance?
We saw a house that we like and would like to put an offer to purchase. However, despite telling the agent this, we are not being brought the documents to make said offer! I'm frustrated. We have house hunted for 8 months, we've looked at more that 65 houses, we found what we like and now we're not getting the service we need!! I'm not going to let it drive me nuts, but seriously, the lack of service across all sectors is simply shocking!
Things are crazy around our house, Miz T is writing exams, the little ones are winding down their school school, excitement is beginning to mount and nerves are a little frayed as well ... this is happening at the end of the month and it's keeping G-man busy and a little stressed and that's besides the day to day stress of work, kids, house hunting, relationships and to add just a little more, we have Master J's birthday and the day after Toy Run is G-mans birthday and within days of all this ending, the kids head off to the USA ... kinda feel as though time is slipping through our fingers.
I can't believe we're half way through November and a month and a half to go to 2009. But, this has been a good year ... a little stressful, lots of changes, but strangely, it's been good stress and awesome changes ... and filled with so much love ... I wish I could bottle it!
So,I'm rambling, I'm outta here.
Have an awesome weekend

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  1. Hhmm..that IS odd that the agent is jumping at the chance to get you this house and take the commission!!

    All I can think is that the tanking economy has thrown everyone into a daze, and slowed reactions. I'm sure you'll get that house!


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