Monday, September 22, 2008

The Word

I am a Christian … not a good one, but a Christian anyways, fumbling and falling my way through life, making mistakes … sometimes almost feeling as though I might do something right, but most often, just muddling along.

But there is a big area of my life where I know I’m failing hopelessly and I would so like to fix it, but the flesh is weak.

Due to my living arrangements … I sin daily … I have an internal struggle with this and one part of me insists on pushing the issue, while the other side (the flesh) is lazy and complacent.
But, it’s the one area where I’m truly trusting God, but at the same time, can I expect Him to work when I am out of fellowship with Him due to my own actions and choices?

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  1. You know I can't resist :)

    None of us is good enough Christian, but thankfully being Christian means we are good enough.

    We all sin.


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