Thursday, September 18, 2008

42 Things

42 things about Me at age 42
1. I’m a Child of God.
2. I’m Mom to Taryn, Courteney, Jarod and Liam.
3. I am loved.
4. I love Graeme.
5. Graeme is one of my best friends.
6. I work as a Project Secretary for RSV Enco Programme and Project Managers.
7. I drive a 1999 Toyota Tazz.
8. I would not mind driving a new car, but I love my little car.
9. I call home a rented house from Uncle Shane.
10. I am mother to dogs Jody, Baron, Walter, Tequila and a cat named Lucky.
11. I have three sisters, Noleen, Lynn and Norma.
12. I am aunty to Nicholas, Gina, Dean, Wesley and Connor.
13. I enjoy going on bike rides with Graeme.
14. My favourite ride to date was to Parys.
15. My friends are Jacqui, Estelle, Elmarie and James.
16. I have a lot of acquaintances.
17. I keep my circle of friends small.
18. I love quotes.
19. … and photographs
20. … and taking photographs
21. … and fresh bread
22. … and Spiced Gold and Lemonade.
23. … sunets
24. … scrapbooking.
25. … chatting with Graeme.
26. …hearing my children laugh.
27. … travelling and I’ve been to one State (Texas) in the USA and quite a few places in Europe.
28. My favourite places were Paris and Salzburg.
29. I’ve seen the Alps.
30. I miss the Alps, I found them breathtaking.
31. I would love to visit Paris again.
32. I have lived in Durban, Johannesburg and Alberton in South Africa and Hallbergmoos in Germany.
33. I’m happier now than I’ve been my whole life.
34. I miss my Dad.
35. I don’t like dirty windows.
36. I love sunrise, but don’t see it often.
37. My favourite colour in red.
38. I enjoy the smell of bread baking,
39. … freshly mown grass
40. … after a rain storm.
41. I would still love to study photography.
42. I’ve learnt that life is short and love is even shorter and I try to make the best of each day – not that I always succeed.


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