Tuesday, March 11, 2008

This 'n that ...

If fame were based on kindness instead of popularity,
on understanding and not on worldwide attention,
you would be the biggest celebrity on earth.
And to my heart, you already are.
The weekend was awesome, relaxing, did nothing much but relax, relax and then relax a little more, that is, until we walked in the door at home and reality slapped us down hard! I mean hard. Where you find yourself in your head thinking W.T.F.! This is my life? And you have these wild thoughts of how you'd escape and change your name, cut your hair and pull out your front teeth as part of the disguise. G-man would have outrun me though!
Then something happened, nothing bad, just a realisation and my heart took a beating. I still don't feel that we have resolved it, but, for now, its there. The unshakable truth of life, things change, people can't always handle our things and they have all their own stuff to sort out, and with that the realisation that sometimes, what we have won't necessarily always be. Been there already, but sometimes, it's just harder to accept.
That lead to me being so down in the dumps yesterday that I sat at my desk and found tears escaping me. Sometimes I just don't know what more to do that just cry my little heart out and have a great big ol' pity party for one. They don't usually last more than a day, which I think is good, but I think it's a time for inward reflection, which was just what I needed.
So today I'm out of the doldrums and shaking the world. Well, not quite, but in my head I am at least which lead me to getting my rear in gear and contacted my consultants (because I haven't yet told my business leader and maybe I just won't) and let them know I'm still around. Maybe they can get their sales going and find me a couple more consultants. Got to get this moving. I almost forgot why I'd signed up to be a Business Leader ... gosh!
And in the wee hours of this morning, before the sun peeped over the rooftops, while the world was still sleeping, I got to reach out and touch my g-man and it was beautiful. Just knowing he's there, hearing him breath ... Simple, beautiful. It fills me up and to my lil ol' heart, he's a big celebrity!

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