Monday, February 11, 2008


The only reason why we ask other people how their weekend was
is so we can tell them about our own weekend.
~Chuck Palahniuk
We had, undoubtedly, one of the best weekends in ages!!
They don't get much better than this ... often times, weekends are a run around of catching up. Doing this and that, that we don't get to do in the week ... but I tell ya, this weekend rocked - BIG TIME!
G's friend, who is heavily involved in a church, arranged a 'bike' day on Saturday. Quadding etc. for the guys. Well, the kids had a blast and I'll be posting some pics on my FB profile soon. To say that they had a total blast is putting it lightly. Miss T who wasn't sure she wanted to join, had the best time of all. She loved quadding, and riding with G on the offroad bike he had there. Miss C casually told me that she's decided she wants to become a 'biker chick' ... well umm yeah ... I can picture that!
The boys also rode - must put up a pic of J on the one little bike that got to ride, not sure if he preferred the bike or the quad but he got the hang of both. He's so hard to read at times, but I think he had a whale of a time. L was peeved as he's still so small, but he did ride with others ... just not alone. I'm wondering if I should think about getting them a quad - but, then it's all the other 'stuff' that's needed that makes me really think twice ... tow bar, trailer, off road gear etc. etc. Hmmm!
Sunday morning we headed out on the run. We went to a farm that was promoting adventure rides. It was so kewl.
The best part though was this ... we worked with a guy who had no idea we'd hooked up, so of course, knowing that he was along yesterday, I had to go with.
We got to the meeting point, and G said hi and they were chatting ... I took off my helmet and peeped over G's shoulder to say Hi ... well the reaction was priceless ... he first glanced casually at me and said 'hi', then he realised who I was and you could see the look of total disbelief ... you had to be there to appreciate it totally ... but it was so worth it.
So that was my weekend ... now tell me about yours!

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  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend!
    Ours was filled with lots and lots of nothing. NOTHING. But that's ok, it was relaxing and Mike is kind of cute so sitting around with him isn't all bad. :)


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