Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Simple ... it's just love

If the rain must fall ... James Morrison

Oh life can be strange

Good and bad in so many ways

And in time you will find

That things are not always what they seem

Well I've got something to say

But you might laugh, joke or run away

Coz I'm awkward and nervous

Sometimes I don't say much at all

But if the rain must fall

If I lose it all

If the world comes down and takes my soul

If the sky turns black

And there's no, no way back

It won't matter much to me

If I had you

All I need is your love

That's all I need

All I need is your love

Oh well dreams can come true

if you know inside you really want them to

or you can sit, you can wait

You can leave your fate in someone else's hands

but I, I want you

And nothing else can make me feel the way you do

So I'm waiting,

I'm wishing

That it's me you'll be holding tonight

and every night

{This song if for Graeme ... my Valentine's wish, dream, hope!}
Just been lovin' this boys CD ... totally. Taryn listens to track 5 every morning when i drive her to her lift ... then I listen to a couple others. Even Patrick (Miss T's bf with whom I might add, the relationship is back on) loves it. Asked to borrow the CD and then when got into the car the last time he asked why I wasn't listening to it ;-).
But, this is how I feel about him, what I wish for, every single day and my whispered prayer sent out into the universe, waiting for an answer!

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