Thursday, January 10, 2008

Banging my head!

on a concrete wall is how I feel half the time ... no wonder I'm nuts, brains are all squished. No seriously, I don't feel that at all. More nervous and my little world is spinning out of control ... rotflmao.

So, I was clearing out old mags and I tear bits 'n pieces out, quotes and such stuff. I read one from an old Oprah, and it's just stuck in my head ....
"You come to love not by
finding the perfect person,
but by seeing an imperfect
person perfectly"
~Sam Keen~
This resonated within. It woke me up, made me think, reconsider a whole bunch of my own crap (not that i haven't been doing that for forever) I think I've learnt to allow others to err and not make quick judgements (at least I try really hard most of the time not to). I try to find something unique in everyone - some people just make it so darn hard. And yes, it's about loving despite the imperfections.
You know the feeling when you get 'another' chance. Another chance to laugh, love, live ... another chance to do the right thing, whether in their eyes or yours. After the unfortunate incident in Germany (will never be that stupid again), I believe I was given another chance. Has taken two years to sort the head and heart out, learnt more lessons, walked away with a few more bruises, but can't understand how anyone, after a great hurt or disappointment, could never want to be in a relationship.
One of them things that lingers in the back of my mind - I'm so darn lucky to be here, to see my kids each day, the rain, sunshine, hear my dogs bark and feel my kitties purr - but more than that, I have a chance to be alive, to love, to do, to be, to make a difference is some small way in the world.
And let me tell you, it's good to be alive!
It's great to feel alive, to find your sense of humour, to be silly, to walk barefoot, to cuddle, to hug, to laugh ... simply being alive! It rocks!!! Big time.

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  1. I remember learning this lesson after I met Greg. I think it came from having a child, then finding love. They teach you what unconditional love is and that becomes a gauge with which to measure. It truly makes my heart sing to see you so happy.


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