Sunday, December 16, 2007

That damn dog

... Miss T's dog is on heat - yes I know, get her neutered - but there is a little scruff that pitched up here a few days back and that freeking thing won't go. He's cute, in all honestly, but of my, he's lifting his leg all over my house. I"m not the biggest dog person in the world, and can tolerate most of their crap, but this, no way - my house has this faint smell of doggy pee around and I am so not enjoying it.

I need to print out the photos I took of him (if only I could get the printer to work) and put it up at the cafe down the road, and pray that his owners see it and fetch him, before I pull his willy off his body!!

And he winges and whines when I lock him out - oh holy cow, someone save me!

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