Thursday, November 15, 2007

This 'n that

I have so many thoughts in my head and I don't know where to start ... hmmm ....

Ooh yes, check this out ... we saw this video about a month ago and I'm just horrified, we're raising funds through Miss T's church for this. My Justine Sales Manager put together a hamper for us to raffle off. so kewl. So generous, so unexpected.

My friend, who I've been spending a lot of time with is away this weekend, and I feel weird about that. Strange how easily some people fit into the pattern of our lives. I am fascinated that after many years apart, it's comfortable, easy, relaxed, I am me, the good bad and ugly, all acceptable. Just me, being me, is okay!

Miss E - I got the job, start on 7 January. A bit melancholy about leaving where I am, as i've totally enjoyed it, but hated it at the same time, quite a strange feeling. However, the money is the main reason!

Miss Judi, possibly the reason for the song is that I was feeling a little lonely and missing someone terribly, and quite possibly, the words are a wish that I buried deep inside.

I've been asked to do a family shoot for a work collegue, I'm a little nervous, feeling out of touch with my camera and I guess a little insecure. I know I can do it, it's just the reality of actually doing it, but I've decided that I need to start a portfolio now. If not now, WHEN SASSY?

Anyways, thats my ramble for the day ... go well!

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  1. Yeah on the job. Boo on the missing. Yeah on the you being you being you.


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