Thursday, May 4, 2006

Shew ...

it's been so long since I posted - sorry see.

Not much news ... life is going along. It sure doens't wait for anyone.

Did I mention that dh and I saw a lawyer while he was over here?
Did I mention that I may well be divorced before the end of the month?

Shew, lifes twists and turns sure feel like a rollercoaster ride at times ... but I'm hanging on and haven't falled out of the cart ;)

Lets see ... dd has met her biological dad and he is wonderful to her. His life has been majorly upset since all this happened as his wife had a freak out and it seems she may have divorce him :GASP:

I'm still footloose and fancy free - well almost officially that is.

Our house is coming together - the kids are doing great - a bit sad now and then and missing their dad but he's become the voice on the phone.

He and 'le friend' are now living together - I may well have mentioned that before so forgive me for repeating myself ... lol.

Saturday my best bud and I are having a 'girls morning' ... breakfast, coffee and shopping with NO kids in tow ... just what I need!!!

Winter is setting in down here in the southern hemispher and its been quite cold! I so don't enjoy winter and our housing is not equipped to handle the cold very well ... I do miss that about the houses in Germany!

Well, that's about it... I;ll try not to take so long to come around here and update again.



  1. Dear Friend,

    It is always good to get an update from you. I know what you mean about life moving along and waiting for no one!

    Please know that you remain in my thoughts and prayers. I miss seeing you as often as I used to. I hope things continue to go well for you and that you are finding happiness in your "new" life and routine.

  2. I FOUND YOU! Wow...I thought you were still bosting at the other place. BUT I FOUND YOU! So nice to see you posting again!

    I'm so sorry about all the crap that is going on, but you seem to be in "good" spirits.
    You know that you are always in my prayers!


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