Thursday, February 23, 2006

Up ... up ... up ....

goes the scale!
Not that I've actually weighed myself, but I can FEEL it on my butt when I put on my pants:( I'm angry at myself, yet at the same time sympathetic ... there's a lot going on in your life says the small still voice within, you don't need to beat yourself. Yeah right, with an arse the size of antartica, I don't bloody well think so!
So, as of next week I will be cutting back and starting a new life plan eating with Patrick Holford ... his 'diet' is more of a lifestyle change than a diet and apparently does all kinds of good things ... I'm up for that. I have a month before my ex gets here to visit the kids and I AM GOING TO LOOK FABULOUS even if it kills me ... lol.!!
So 'ex' and girlfriend are talking of moving in together ... it's such a weird thing to say out loud, he's still a married man ... heck, the girlfriend is there so often anyway that it's just a matter of them making 'that' commitment. I get frustrated at his actions simply because of the person I know him to be, but then, maybe I was fooled all those years and didn't really know him after all.
So yesterday I had an interview and it went well, I will know tomorrow the outcome! Not sure of the salary though, he'll discuss he said, but with a company car and petrol, I'm negotiable! Hold thumbs for me!
Otherwise, the kids are doing great, growing and learning and being kids.
I'm going out with the ladies from the office tomorrow evening ... I need this. Just to kick back and not be Mom and have a little fun.
Have made some new friends, although both are males ... lol ... still, after all these years, I truly do enjoy the company of men more than women and I know that sounds weird, but I do, there's no competition and less bitchiness all in all ... still I miss my online buds ;)
That's all for now Folks


  1. If your arse is the size of antartica then I guess mine must be the size of the whole damn planet LOL But you go girl and make him wish he still had some of that good stuff when he sees you LOL

  2. Hey you! Was just wondering about the interview outcome?

  3. Scooby Doo, where AAAAAAARE you?


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