Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Just chatting

Well, if you're a friend of mine and you know my real name and want to link to me, please use either Sassy or Suddenly Single - thanks guys.

Still no permanent job and a wee bit stressed about that, but then God tells us not to worry because HE HAS A PLAN. Wow - what an awesome reminder of His love.

As much as South Africa is referred to as The New South Africa, let me just say, it's not really all that different. Yesterday I went to have lunch with a male friend, his ethnicity is Indian and let me just say, he's absolutely gorgeous and smart and so well put together that I felt like a queen walking next to him, but the point is this, the looks we got ... my goodness, we were just walking next to each, we sat at the table as two friends, but the looks!!!! I have to, at this point say that growing up here, it took me a long time to get the point of acceptance, but honestly, the only difference between he and I is the colour of our skins. We laugh at the same things, we worship the same God, our children go to the same kinds of schools ... what is the issue?

I especially found that white men gave us 'drop dead' looks ... a little intimidated? Confused? I don't know, it's just so interesting .. I wish I could stop them and ask them why?

Moving along, T is doing great at school ... her average grade at the moment is A. She got 98% in a Math test last week ... woohooo. I'm just so thrilled that she's working again. She knows that this year is VERY important in her schooling career if she still hopes to be a Pediatrician. The rest of them are doing just great.

The weather has been so weird here, so much rain ... I swear if we were all ducks it would be great, but almost daily it rains.

I actually have no news ... all is okay over here in Africa. Keep us in your prayers friends

Love Sassy

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  1. Love you're all in my thoughts and prayers. He is in control even if we don't always see it...He has a plan...just ask Him to show you every day ;) Love you dear one :)


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