Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Five : Statement Necklace, Sorbet Scrub 'n more

Friday is always a fabulous day - its the start of the weekend.  Today I thought I'd share five of the things I enjoyed this week

Clockwise from top :
  • White statement necklace from Legit
  • My kitty Marshy enjoy my gorgeous pallet box my nephew bought for me
  • Sorbet Sugar Scrub - Pomegranate & Grapefruit (Totally divine and addictive)
  • My new Princess Inca Lily (my favourite flowers - in fact Schatz bought me two last Sunday, this pink one and another in yellow)
  • Mary Kay Nail Lacquer - Radiant Red - which is such a rich colour and goes on like a dream (gifted to me by my naughty daughter Taryn - she included this when she sent me my face care products and I want her to know its very much appreciated - Love you Miss T - soon to be Mrs T).
Hope you've enjoyed some pretty items and moments in your week.
Have fun now pretties


  1. Nice post Sista. I am so happy that Marshy agrees with Connor's choice of box! LOL!!!

  2. OH, now this is a post I like ♥


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