Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Window Shopping

I've mostly been avoiding the stores because I tend to get the 'must have' sensation come over me and I'm working hard at getting rid of debt instead of creating any more - especially with my non existent income situation at the moment.

I did take a walk through a few stores at Gateway Mall (what a horrible horrible tempting shopping experience that was) with more stores than any one person could possibly need offering some really lovely items. 
However, I have to say this, if you bought a few items last season, I'm not seeing much different this season.   Peplums, statement necklaces, ballet flats, wedges, checked shirt, soft and flowing items - still all the rage.  Snakeskin and leopard print - you're not going to look like you're a frump if you add nothing new.  But then, its not about us needing - its about the wanting.
Visiting the All 4 Women window shopper I spied the following items :
I really like these snakeskin platform sling backs and although I have a similar necklace in black, a cream one would not go amiss though.
Charles and Keith
Platform slingback
Neckpiece and earring set
I noticed a lot of pretty dresses about - reason enough to book a high tea with my sistas just for a reason to wear one ... which would be your choice?  I must admit, unless I hit the Lotto, buying a Valentino dress is just out of my reality - but boy, they are beautiful.  We can dream though - right? Right!  Although these are not dresses I've seen in the stores, I thought I'd just dream a little of what I'd wear to High Tea.

Dress by Valentino

What I Wore | Luck be a Lady, Jessica Quirk, Black and White, Ladylike,
Skirt and Top - ModCloth via What I wore
Kate Spade

Hope your Hump day was good.


  1. Gateway sure is a haven of temptation!!!

  2. I've been trying to reign in some of my consumerism, so it's nice to hear that things may be staying similar to what I already have.

    Love those feminine high tea choices.

  3. I love the Valentino can always dream.


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