Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Heading home

We're heading home shortly and all I can say is I have missed my bed something awful.   I think the boys had a great time and would love to stay a few more days to hang out with Connor and Byron.  sadly though,  they can't.  
We met with the Gladwins for dinner last night and then a stroll down the promenade and coffee at their holiday spot afterwards.   It was great to see them and I so hope they have an awesome holiday.
I must admit that I did not take tons of photos on this trip as it has been so windy but we did take a late afternoon walk to the lighthouse and took a few pictures which I'm still to look at ... bad photographer.
Well folks ... I'm looking forward to getting home and back to regular food ... my system battles with all the fast food and I'm looking forward to gym .... never thought I'd ever say that.
Catch you all again soon


  1. Safe travels. I usually get used to a bed in time to go home :-P

  2. Thanks for a lovely dinner it was a real treat to spend time with you guys away from home! We are having a lovely time ... just a bit frustrated being car less today. Will hopefully get rthe car back tomorrow.


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