Friday, August 2, 2013

Tissue Oil Giveaway - The winner is ...

I must apologise for drawing the name and then getting totally sidetracked and forgetting to post it - I'm suffering from a little SHE-ness at the moment.
The winner, I'm so happy to announce, (because if you read her blog and what her and her amazing hubby do, you'll know that she is most deserving of a little pampering and spoiling) is Lynette from A work in progress
I'm working on another giveaway, so do come back.
For the South Africans who entered, feel free to contact me if you'd like to order and receive a special discount or gift along with your order.
Have a happy Friday.



  1. Thank you so much my darling friend. I am going to love using it. Will inbox you my address.

  2. I wish it rained tissue oil..... everyone should be using it!!!!

  3. I am so happy that Lynette won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy it!


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