Thursday, July 4, 2013

Polka dot hose

Red black and cream with polka dot hose
I have not worn this skirt in ages.  I started off wanting to wear my white and black polka dot shirt, but it did not look too great together, which had me back at the wardrobe trying to find something else.  I then thought the cream and black cardigan would go well. Overall I'm satisfied with this look, but I don't think the necklace was the best choice.  Although I'd like this skirt to be a little shorter, the length is not negotiable as there is a pleated design in the back and it would look silly in the back if it were shorter.
I got to say goodbye to two gents from our client - a little bit of reality settling in.  Tomorrow may be interesting.
Today we were chatting about alternate forms of employment.  This has my head whirling at this point.  There are possibilities and opportunities, its just to hunt them down.  I'll let you know what happens one way or the other, but as off tomorrow, I'm on a little bit of break while I search and plot and plan.
Red statement necklace
The Details : Skirt and Cardigan : Truworths | Tank : Pick 'n Pay | Shoes : Foschini | Necklace : Woolworths | Watch : Diva


  1. Pretty outfit. I like your smile in the second picture.

    Hang in there on the job-front. I'm sure the Universe will open up new opportunities for you.

  2. I like the skirt, though not appreciated back pleat. The jacket is beautiful. The necklace, and stockings, are two cuties.

  3. Would love to see the skirt from the back. I just have this peace when I pray for you, I believe that the Lord is going to supply above and beyond your expectations.

  4. This is a beautiful ensemble, love the way you introduced subtle repetition with the two tone shoes and the Cami in Black & White, great outfit!

  5. black, white and red is such a gorgeous classic combo. so sleek and sophisticated!
    Chic on the Cheap

  6. Wendy I love this combination! Interesting, I would have wanted the skirt a bit longer as in pencil skirt look. You look radiant!

    2013 Artists Series!


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