Saturday, July 20, 2013

My list of crazy things ... Camera Couture

I visited Camera Courture today and got so excited when I saw this competition.  Holding thumbs, cause I love this bag and the camera is so cute.  

Camera Couture GiveawayMy list of crazy things I'd keep in my new camera bag
Firstly of course, my special item and the reason for this,  my Camera
.. and the new cute Instax Mini Instant Camera
Extra lens
Light meter
Galaxy note (its one of the things I'm dreaming of adding to my kit)
Pen lens cleaner
Mints (got to keep it fresh)
Pack of mixed nuts
A little pouch with 'the girl' things in them
Water bottle

Happy day


  1. Good luck ... it sounds like something that is just up your alley!!!

  2. Good luck. I got myself the Galaxy Note a bit more than a month ago and I adore my new toy.


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