Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A dress?!

And a straight dress at that.   
Wearing a dress!
Not just a dress, but oh dear, its way above my knee.  I felt a little awkward because I had not realised just how short it is when I tried it on the first time.  But, I went with it instead of whipping it off as I initially felt like doing.  Wearing tights makes me feel a little less naked.  

The Deets : Dress : Foschini | Shoes : Truworths | Cardigan : ??? | Necklace : Legit | Bracelets & Ring : Truworths

Looking at the pattern in this dress, I do wish the light bit had been across the tummy instead of above and below it.  Next time I wear this dress, I do intend wearing something bright with it ... maybe my red blazer.
I had tried a few different belts but I did not like how it caused the dress to bulk over my hips.  I even tried the belts over the dress and cardigan. I am considering having the dress altered to be a little more fitted, but not skin tight, just too give it a little more shape.

I choose silver accessories.  The necklace cost me all of about R15- and I think I picked it up at Legit.  Its the first time I've worn it despite having it for at least 3 months.  I really like the cut out design of it, it reminds me a little of the necklace that Schatz bought me for Christmas.  I added three bangles, which did drive me a little batty by the end of the day because they clunked it a lot ... lol.

Considering all the aspects, I quite liked this look and don't think the legs looked too bad.  A previous comment by Annette had me thinking about why I wear most of my skirts at the length I do and the reason goes way back to around 1997 when a lady I loved and respected very much said that women should not wear their skirts above their knees because no one has pretty knees.  I think that has stuck with me and whenever I see my knees I wonder if they're the ugliest on the planet. 

That's all for now folks ... thanks for visiting, reading and leaving me your thoughts.


  1. I think you look wonderful and so do your legs. Comments about ugly knees are kind of odd to me because it's not a body part I consider pretty or ugly. They just are, IMO.

  2. You look so lovely, Wendy!

  3. The length of that dress is perfect and I don't agree with whoever made that comment about knees. I would love to see the dress with a bright blazer although I love how it looks with your grey jersey.

  4. I love that dress it this season's?

  5. Beautiful dress, Wendy, you look gorgeous!
    I feel with tights it is easier to wear shorter dresses and skirts, especially with opaque tights which I wear in winter. I definitely prefer this shorter length to the long skirt we talked about recently.

    Your styling with silver jewellery is perfect.
    Looking forward to see the dress fitted and without the cardigan.

    Fabulous clutch giveaway on my blog
    Lady of Style

  6. That dress looks great with the tights.

  7. Hi, Wendy. I hope this message reaches you. I love this grey patterned look, and the cardigan is a great shape, almost like an open jacket. I think you're knees are just fine!

    You asked about the crave in my blog post, and it's cat treats. My husband is jealous that even though I'm allergic and not a cat person, our neighbor's cat likes me better than him. He's always trying to bribe it with those treats and it never works.

  8. I really like the pattern on this dress. I don't normally think about my knees, but when I got my family photos back last year, I wished I'd worn a longer skirt. ;) You really have nice legs and the tights look great here.

  9. Hi Wendy, the length of your skirt is very flattering, looking very chic and elegant! Your shoes are awesome! Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  10. I like the bold print in the neutral colors - it works so well!
    Chic on the Cheap

  11. I've been going through something similar with the knee thing. My stylist Rachel Moss told me to keep skirts at me knees because it makes my legs look longer and I'm finding that she is right. I think your knees look fine but I agree with you about wearing a bit more color/contrast with the dress which looks great. I like the diagonal pattern.


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