Monday, March 18, 2013

Blush peplum with pencil skirt

I think my Madison nude pumps may have been a better colour choice as they are slightly
darker than these.  I tried brown shoes as well but they were just too dark.  If I'd been up
to it, I may well even worn my pink sandals, but my ol' knees are taking some strain
with the very high heels ... lol. 
I choose to wear the peplum with this skirt because I always feel as thought my
tummy looks gigantic in this skirt and this hides is well ... peplums really are miracle
workers for the middle age spread that's creeping up.
To jazz the outfit up I wore the gorgeous coral statement necklace Taryn gave me.

Top : Mr. Price | Skirt : Contempo | Shoes : La Diva

Watch : Lanco | Ring : Bought in Germany
We have three weeks of four working days ... this Thursday is a holiday so I'll be
taking Friday off - so this will be a three day week.  With the kids going away with their Gran, we may take a mini break.  Not sure where we may go, but it would be great to escape the city.
Hope your Monday was fabulous ... keep on styling.


  1. I love your peplum top! The necklace matches so well.
    And your nude heels are perfect with your outfit. I think darker ones would be too much of a contrast.
    Very feminine style!

    Lady of Style

  2. Very nice outfit Miss Wendy. Love the necklace!!!

  3. Very pretty, Wendy. I love the necklace you are wearing.

  4. Great peplum and necklace! Thanks for sharing your fab look with Visible Monday.

  5. Wendy, this is a very flattering color on you! You look very sexy in your peplum top! The necklace is pretty darn NICE, too!

  6. Divine look, Wendy. I always admire your peplums 'cause they fit you so well. Pretty as always.


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