Saturday, February 2, 2013

FABruary Style Challenge : Day 2 : Pink

Pink polka dot t-shirt : Mr. Price
Today's challenge is to wear pink.  I decided to wear this cute t-shirt that has pink polka dots.  I have worn it with navy cotton shorts and a pair of flats.  A simple weekend 'mom-on-the-go' outfit ... definitely no fashionista in sight today.
We headed off to a store in Alberton called Militaria.  For the first time ever it was actually open.  They stock guns and military paraphernalia.  Liam was so excited when we pulled up in front of the store.  He had no idea it was there, much less did he know we were taking him there.  Sadly, the scope his dad bought him for his air rifle is broken and Graeme had enquired about getting it fixed, but they said it was not worth it, however, they had a second hand one in the store that cost a little more but is of a superior quality.  I asked him if he was prepared to pay off towards it and since he was eager, I bought it for him as well as bullets, so guess where he's at now.  He's really gun crazy this boy of mine.
We then headed to Alberton City for lunch and I picked up a Laptop cooling stand and the NPhoto magazine.  My laptop runs really hot and it was time I invested in one of these stands.  It has a USB connection with an additional little fan underneath.  So far, so good.
Here's wishing you fabulous Saturday.


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