Thursday, February 14, 2013

FABruary Style Challenge : Day 14 : Lace

White lace skirt and dashing red blazer
Details : Skirt : Truworths | Blazer and T-shirt : Edgars | Shoes : La Diva | Belt : Chinese Mall
Necklace : The Silver Company | Bracelet : Truworths | Belt from the Chinese Mall | Nailpolish : Pouf Daddy by Essie

Air guitar artist wanna?

I need to get a picture where it highlights the shiny bits in my necklace - no picture has done it justice as yet.
White and red striped t-shirt, red blazer and white lace skirt
Here is another new to the blog item - my red blazer.  You may remember that I searched for ages for one, but did not find exactly what I wanted.  This is as close as I think I may get.  I bought it off my sister months ago after she had bought it but felt it did not fit quite right. 

I love this skirt and am not totally sure why I have not worn it in what could easily be a year.  I do remember that I need to hem the lining as its a little long, but it did not peep out today ... also, with the two kgs I've lost, it's not as snug around the pear bit of me as it was. 

Hope your Valentine's Day is fun .


  1. Red is perfect for you and your dark hair. You look great!

    I finally took the time (should have done a lot earlier!!) and read your personal story. Until now I wasn't aware you live in South Africa. Love South African red wine!
    Where in Germany did you live?

    Lady of Style

  2. Oh, yes! That's the ticket. Colorful, attractive and sassy. A triumphant trio. You look great in this.

    BTW, weird thing happened to me two nights ago. I had a dream and you were in it! I dreamt you walked in the room, with no explanation for how you got there, and started talking to me. You were dressed well (as usual) and your physical presence made me spellbound. I could barely utter a word. I was drinking in your presence as if you were fine brandy and the effect was just as intoxicating. You made me feel happy in such a deep way.

    So, thank you for the visit. Happy Love Day!

    1. I am going to tell the Universe this .. we shall meet in person!

      I hope you had an awesome Love Day ... hugz sweet one.

  3. Looking good my friend. Red is your colour.

  4. STUNNING, Wendy! That blazer with the red stripe top is so fantastic!


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