Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Red 'n white .. looks so right

Red shirt, white skirt and polka dot shoes

Skirt : Truworths
Top : Unknown
Shoes : Brand - Unreal : Store - ShoeCity

My mother was wearing a similar top a few backs and I asked her to get me one as well.  I quite like the 'necklace' design as theres no need to add a necklace.

I momentarily forgot about these shoes as I was wondering which shoes to wear, then remembered these.  I do so love the playfulness of the polka dots.

For Courteney and Jarod school holidays have already started and Courteney, who has been finished for over two weeks is so bored.  I wish she had a holiday job to keep herself a little busy, but before we know it, their dad will be here and they'll be off on a summer holiday.

Although Liam is going to school, their exams are finished and they're sitting around a little bored, watching movies and cleaning desks. 

I have 13 days of work until I'm on leave and I so can't wait ... sleep late ... lay in the sun ... drink and eat and just enjoy and relax ... sigh!

Hope your Tuesday is Teriffic!


  1. Red is my "go to" colour when I need to feel good and don't have the feeling. I love your polka dot shoes.

  2. Love your top with that design. That is so pretty.

  3. I Like!! I Like.... Sexy Chica ;)


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