Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Denim shirt and floral skirt

Denim shirt with a floral skirt ... for Spring
Shirt : Chinese Store
Skirt : Merien Hall @ Edgars
Belt : Woolworths
Shoes : Rage
Bangles : Miladys
Necklace : Sass Diva

I think my schatz is missing playing with my camera everyday, but I'm finding that doing a quick snap before I head to work is working much better ... that is until he has to leave at the same time as me ... then I'll have to get one of the boys to do the morning snap.

This skirt has not been loved much by me.  I usually feel a little frumpy when I wear it.  The 'gurus' tell gals with my shape that this is the best cut to wear This morning, as I was trying to decide what to throw on, the first thing I saw was my denim shirt and as I turned to the closet this skirt just about jumped off the hanger begging to be worn.  Its been in the sell/donate/give away pile a few times but I end up trying to give it another turn.

For the first time, it looked 'right' today.

Caught in the act, using the kitchen window as a mirror


  1. It's weird but when I see your outfits, I get this intuitive pang of recognition. It's like looking at myself, if I was the person I want to be. You dress EXACTLY like I would with your shape and you look wonderful doing so. I wish I could see life through your eyes.

    1. You just the sweetest Ally :-). Hugs

  2. This is such a pretty outfit, so ladylike.

  3. Glad it didnt make its way out of the house in the donate pile as it is really cute and I like the previous outing it had as well.

  4. I really think a denim shirt makes everything work better! (But I know what you mean about A-line skirts sometimes feeling frumpy and all that business about them being the right shape.) No worries, this outfit is a winner!


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