Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Chiffon sleeves

Chiffon slit sleeved top ... and animal print
Top : Markro | Skirt : Truworths  |  Shoes : Truworths  |  Watch : Tempo  |  Belt : Edgars

Did you see?  Did you notice?  Its a photo with me wearing my glasses ... its seldom that I take pictures wearing my glasses, I don't know why I don't like taking pictures with them on though. 

I so wish I'd bought more of these tops in different colours as I love it but the last time I was in Makro they did not have any.  When I originally bought this one, there were other colours.  But looking at it, I think it would be easy enough to fashion the sleeves onto some 'tank' tops myself ... now that's an idea - anyone have a few spare hours to give me to do this ... lol.

This evening Schatz and I are going on a little evening course (3 hours) at the Academy of Creative Photography called 'Intro to Manual Mode'.  I bought the offer on Groupon and couldn't resist when I saw it - I'm trying to encourage him to step out of the comfort zone of 'creative modes' on his camera and embrace Manual mode.  When he takes pictures on my camera, he always moves back to the 'safe' zone and I understand his hesitation, but know the 'liberation' that comes from using Manual. 

Hope your day is fabulous.


  1. Wendy, you look so fresh and pretty. That powder blue is a great color on you. I like your glasses, too, but understand your reluctance to be photographed in them. I don't much like my photos with glasses either.

    I've been exploring the manual mode on my Nikon for a while. I'd love to take a photography class!

  2. Enjoy the course and love both the colour and the sleeves of the top

  3. This is such an ultra feminine look, Wendy.
    I think you look cute in your glasses....maybe we should all do a special post in our glasses??!!

  4. You look lovely in this colour. Buyers remorse for not getting more...that is a feeling I know well. Enjoy the course.

  5. I'm liking the contrast of the delicate chiffon with the wild animal print accessories!

  6. Pretty top, pity you didnt get more of them when buying this one. Hope you guys enjoyed the course.


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