Monday, September 3, 2012

Nautical Monday

Linking up to Visible Monday over at Pattis Not Dead Yet blog ... I think my gorgeous new striped blazer really makes my outfit 'visible'.
This first photo is specially for my special friend Ally - hope you like it. Schatz said we had to take one with the bike just for you.

 Details : Jacket and Skirt : Truworths | Shoes : Woolworths | T-shirt : Chinese shop | Ring & matching earrings : Truworths

For my birthday I told my Mom I wanted to buy a jacket, so she gave me money towards buying one.  I have been looking for what I wanted since before my birthday.  I'd see one here, see one there ... oh the stitching was poor, the material cheap and on and on went the reasons why I had not bought it.  Mom will ask often until you tell her that you got what she gave you money for.
Saturday Jazz and I went to pay my Truworths account and there it was.  The right colour, the right material, the right everthing, so I snapped up the striped jacket.  I'm so happy with it and couldn't wait to wear.
So Monday is done and we get to look forward to dressing up on Friday for Casual Day - the theme is Pirates and it should be fun.
Hope your MOonday was fabulous. 


  1. Hi Wendy. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    I really like that color combo you have on. The striped blazer really makes the whole outfit.
    I read your bio. I also have a weakness for shoes and fashion magazines. I also like photography, but really need to become more familiar with my camera.

  2. You found the perfect jacket, Wendy! Love this and love the motorcycle pic too for Ally. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  3. Great photo! Ally will love it. You look great in skirts as always!

  4. That blazer is pretty fab! Happy belated birthday to, fancy lady!

  5. Wow! You look sassy my dear!!
    I love that photo with the motorcycle! Your jacket is fabulous!

  6. Nice bike! Oh, are you in the picture too? Yes, I guess I should say something nice about you, too. :)

  7. Nice jacket ... I am delighted that you found something that you like and Mom will be very happy about it too. Like the picture with the bike!

  8. I love this outfit....and I think I need to visit Truworths tomorrow;-)

  9. That jacket is killah. I want it.

    Good pic for Ally :)


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