Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Spring inspiration

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I love the colours of this outfit ... naturally I'd not wear denim shorts, but I like the look of this outfit and the shade of blue is divine ... I'm adding a blue scarf to my wish list.


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    1. .. and it would look gorgeous on you sista!

  2. Love the turquise and I think you and I will both look fab in it. Swop the pants for a nice skirt

  3. Agreed ... and you could wear is casually with a denim skirt, or business casual-ish with a pair of kitten heels and a strong pencil skirt ... now if only we knew who made this scarf ;-)

  4. I love everything except the shorts ... I think a denimn skirt or pants would look great. Love everything blue and turquoise!!!

  5. Love the colours...and I will lose the shorts in favour of jeans.


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