Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Just how a birthday should be ...

Today is my birthday.  Yip, another year down and who knows how many more to go ... but I have every intention of doing more of what I love, having more fun, sharing more memories and moments with the people I love.

I have been so spoilt and feel very loved.

My first birthday gift was given to me about 3 months by my sister Lynn.  I'd been looking for an old style scale and she found one while out in the countryside (no, the baby did not come with it).

Two weekends ago, Schatz and I went shopping for silk flowers and we came home with flowers and a gorgeous mirrored tray.  This morning he spoilt me even more with a lovely handbag and beaded necklace.

When I got to work, I got a lovely diffuser from Sharon which is really naughty of her, as she gave me perfume when she came back from Spain.

Our domestic work gave me a lovely magazine rack ... so unexpected but so necesary.

My boss gave me a lovely hand towel with hand wash and hand lotion.

My son Jarod gave me delicious Geldhof Truffles.

My little guy Liam gave me a cute poem/frame and two badges.

This evening, my sister came by and brought flowers and chocolates that Taryn had arranged with her.  It was such an unexpected surprise.

Then, naughty sister, who gave me the scale, also gave a bottle of my favourite perfume, Bvlgari Omnia (which I've been told has been discontinued :-().

My mom gave me money towards a jacket that I'm hunting for.

All in all ... a really special and spoilt girl I am.  I'll have more photos once I get them downloaded.

Hope your day was awesome ... mine rocked!

'Til we visit again ... say Hi in the meantime so that I can come by and visit.


  1. Glad to hear you had such a great birthday! All the best again for the next year

  2. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a lovely day...and I'm glad you were spoiled!

  3. Happy Birthday Wendy! So happy you had a great birthday!
    Here's to many more!

  4. Happy Birthday Wendy....being so spoiled is a testament to how special you are to all of these people in your life. And to your loyal readers too.

  5. Happy happy birthday! It's better to know you're being spoiled than to want more. ;)

    Sounds like you are loved and appreciated!

  6. Happy Birthday!!! Here's hoping today is brilliant filled with presents, love and truck loads of happiness..

  7. Happy Birthday! Best wishes for the coming year.

  8. Happy birthday Wendy...it is wonderful that it was so special. I am pretty sure you were relieved that the scale didn't come with the baby;-)

  9. Belated Happy Birthday! Sounds like you got the best kind of gifts from peeps who know and love you well!

  10. Glad your birthday was special. I am sad to hear that your favourite perfume is discontinued ... just as well I got it when I did!!!


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