Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Denim, lace and nail trends

Hey there,

I did not get around to posting to these pics earlier this week … mainly because they were blurry, but I want to record it anyway.  I adore this lace skirt and this is the second outing for my denim shirt.  You can’t see the lacy details on the t-shirt, but I have worn it before way back in summer.

Skirt : Glamour @ Truworths
T-shirt : Edgars
Shirt : Threads
Shoes : Rage
Watch : Diva at Gliterrati, Glenvista

Nail polish
Dark Plum : Sally Hansen
Purple : Kanglo @ Truworths

As I was painting my nails on Sunday I decided
to give this trend a try.
I quite like how it turned out, however, the darker colour in more plum than black i.r.l.

These are the kind of trends that I get nervous about as I think they could make it look as though I’m trying to hard.

Tomorrow is Women’s  Day here is South Africa so I’ve taken Friday off to make it a long weekend of catching up on my photography course and things around the
house.  This morning I had a wee hissy fit and tossed three drawers of clothing on the floor (I can be a brat) because they are all jumbled up (let me say, not by me
but I won’t get into that now) and I could not find anything.  Guess what I’ll be sorting out … hope to see on the blogs this weekend.

Love to hear your views and read your comments so please say Hi and see you again soon. 


  1. I can't think of a better reason to have a hissy fit than when the things we keep tidy are not tidy!

  2. You never look like you're trying too hard; love the nails and the cool skirt.

    Hmmmm, I may tell my boss it's Women's Day but not specify the country, and see if I can get a wee holiday :P

    1. lol ... let me know if you succeed ... its a rather unique holiday I think.

      Thanks Lynne for always leaving such sweet comments :-)

  3. A very sexy outfit! Shapely and classy. Have a great three day weekend!

    1. Thanks Joni .. I'm doing my best .. and am taking tomorrow off to which it makes it a whopping 4 (F.O.U.R) days.

  4. Fabulous look! Love the heels!
    Hissy fits are good....I throw them all the time.
    Have a great long weekend!

  5. Love the lacy skirt paired with the chambray/denim top. A denim shirt is so versatile. Your nails are great too. Purple is my favorite color! Heather

  6. A hissy fit is needed every now and then to get 'the help' in line!!! Hope the 'toys' hit the right person on the head!!! Glad you were able to take Friday off and make it a lovely long weekend. I love the nailvarnish trend ~ gonna try it myself sometime soon ~ oh yes!!! you promised to do my nails for me so I will have to take you up on that offer.


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