Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Office wear

Skirt : Truworths
Shirt : Pick 'n Pay
Shoes : Edgars
Belt : Edgars
Necklace : Contempo

I'm really missing my photographer :-(.  With my schatz now coming home far later than before, we're trying to adjust to a new schedule and sadly, it means that my photog is unavailable when the light is still good.  Yesterday and todays pics were taken by Miss Boo on my phone.  Not bad overall, but not quite the same as when taken with my 'baby'.  I'm weighing my options on how best to maximise my time and get the best photos for the week ... got some ideas, its implementing them thats the challenge.

All the items in this outfit have been seen before.  My snakeskin shoes that Miss T hates, my shiny skirt that was a little too tight a month or so ago (and nope, I've still not been to gym) and I think this is the first time I've worn it this winter ... my shirt that was a birthday gift from my mother about two or three years back and on the same birthday I got the necklace from my sister Lynn.

When I got home this afternoon i changed into leggings and flat boots so that Schatz and I could go shopping for my little guys birthday.  My youngest will turn 12 tomorrow ... I can't believe it and I can't believe how quickly the past twelve years have flown by and how much my little man has grown ...

 Happy Birthday my precious little guy, may your day be wonderful and the year ahead full of fun, laughter and blessings. 


  1. Love the belted shirt and statement necklace. Also love your posts. Short and to the point :) I'm learning!

  2. Wendy, your looking very professional! Very classy and elegant!
    Happy birthday to you baby!! Enjoy your time with him...they grow up SO fast!

  3. Hope the little guy has a fun birthday.

  4. You always look wonderful. Maybe you should get a tripod and take the photos with a remote.

  5. Classic and chic...just the kind of look I love!


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