Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Working the wardrobe

In all honesty, the challenge I've been facing of feeling uninspired and uncreative in the wardrobe has not worn off.  I'm not sure if I've shown this look on the blog before, but it was the quickest and easiest I could come up with.  I have not been planning my outfits, done no ironing ... so this is the result.

G-man is particularly fond of this dress.  It speaks to the 'indian' in him.  He has a deep love and appreciation for bling-bling and curry.  He attributes this to being raised close to Overport City in Durban.  My love for curry ... must be because of my granddad who would come home on a Saturday from the Horse Races and the smell of curry and pipe would be mixed into him ... loved the smell of his pipe and curry.
Dress and cami : Truworths
Jacket : Foschini
Shoes : La Diva
Necklace : Miladys
Bangles : Various - Mr. Price, Edgars, Truworths

I went past my sister Norma this evening to drop off her body lotion she'd ordered from me and also to have a look at her new couch, table and show case.  The items are just beautiful.  Her home is looking gorgeous ... she's added some many pretty things and it's warm and inviting.  I'm excited for her that her offer to purchase was accepted.  The view from her patio is so beautiful. 

Well, now it's time for good girls to get ready for bed.  I'm just waiting for my exfoliator to dry and then I'm heading to the shower. 

'Til we visit again ...
Keep is Simple 'n Sassy

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  1. Pretty look. The jacket is a nice way of "workifying" the dress.


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