Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Denim blazer on white

I'm working my wardrobe some more. I love this denim blazer, but am not the biggest fan of light denim, I prefer really dark dye denim.  This blazer was given to me by my sister way back in about 2006. I did not wear it for quite a while as one of the buttons had fallen off which I finally put back on.  I wear it on and off, its one of the items that I am not smitten with, yet won't part with ... its a great cut and fairly timeless and is always met favourably. 

 Skirt : Truworths
T-shirt : Loft
Jacket : Pick 'n Pay
Shoes : Legit
Brooch : My mom gave it to me.
Bracelet : (You know it's my fave) Charlotte Russe
Earrings : Truworths
I'm due for a haircut and colour ... maybe Schatz will do the colour for me this evening while I read my course notes.

Hope everyone had a stunning day ... I'll be visiting soon - I promise.


  1. You are right, denim is timeless and never seems to go out of style. Who knows, maybe in the coming years light denim will be a must have. Enjoy reading your updates.

  2. Hi Wendy - Thanks for following! I love that light blue/white color combo! It makes me think of spring/early summer - so easy breezy!!!

  3. Attractive outfit. As usual. I don't think I've ever seen you look bad.

  4. Wow, such a chic outfit! I guess we girls know how to wear denim!1 LOL!
    I know what u mean by light denim, so difficult to pull off, but with this dress you are totally making it work and the cut of the jacket is so elegant! YAY for sisters who gift pretty things!

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  5. Hey sister, Nice outfit. It certainly doesn't look like you are due for a haircut ~ your hair looks very pretty here.

  6. Oh I adore that jacket. If you do not want it anymore.....

  7. Cute Wendy! Denim jacket is really nice...love the faded look. Your photos are lovely! Sassy, too!


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