Saturday, May 14, 2011

A triple bill (Reposted after blogger gobbled it up)

I've been a little scarce with class on Monday, a storm with some mean lightening on Tuesday as well as Patrick coming over to help Courteney with her Math etc. and although I took the photos, I only got to download them this morning as I left a little later to go and do the office grocery shopping.  So this is a rather picture intensive post.

Monday saw me in this ...  (don't my boobies look amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - wish I could remember which bra I was wearing).  Sorry - could not resist that comment, I'm quite impressed.

Details : Shirt - Identity | Skirt - Mr Price | Shoes - Plum | Necklace - Contempo
Tuesday saw our client visit day, so I try to go with a slightly more professional and polished look.  However, by the end of the day, I was looking anything but polished ... rather like a raggedy Anne I'd say.
Details : Skirt and Shirt - Finnigans at Truworths | Shoes - Merien Hall at Edgars | Belt - Edgars | Hose - Falke (I'm completely sold on this brand)
Todays look - oooh I'm rather chuffed ... lol.  I bought the dress a few weeks back and have put off wearing it as I could not decide what to style it wish.  On Sunday I decided I HAD TO wear it this week and just last night came up with the look ... what do you think of it and the photo's ... I took them before I left for work (as I said earlier, I left later due to going to do the shopping so had some time).  Interestingly, out of the three outfits, this one got the most compliments this week ... I don't think it photographed to show of how pretty it really turned out.

Details : Dress - Charter Club at Edgars | Shirt - Truworths | Belt - Meltz | Shoes - Truworths | Necklace and bracelet set - Miladys | Earrings - Justine Cosmetics.


  1. Monday ~ Fantastic. Boobies sure do look good!!!
    Tuesday ~ Love the hose ~ Falcke sure is a good brand.
    Wednesday ~ Pretty although I will have to see it 'in the flesh' to make up my mind.

  2. Monday's outfit was amazing. And I agree with your fine-print comment. Decorum prevents me from saying more... :)

  3. I love Monday's look, and the shoes from today are HOT!

  4. Mondays look is fabulous! And your boobs always look incredible! :)

  5. What a lovely post! I like all your stylish and feminine outfits! You're just adorable!! (and the boobs...!! I agree...!). Have a nice day!

  6. Love the Monday outfit. Shorter skirts are definately more 'you'. and as for the top/boobs - well yup, looking good girl!

    Not sure about the dress from Wed. Can't put my finger on it. Maybe without the shirt underneath and a waterfrall cardi over? Did you try that?

    Very brave to put yourself out there like this!

  7. I really like Wednesday's shirt and have liked it with previous outfits as well AND the colour of Tuesday's shirt is beautiful...Lots of love

  8. Really like Wednesday's shirt - and like it with all the other outfits as well---Tuesday's shirt is a BEAUTIFUL colour - All lovely outfits..Lots of love

  9. Monday and Tuesday are just stunning Wends!!

  10. I think that first outfit is adorable! Please let us know what bra that is. I wear a 38dd and have a hard time finding great bras!

  11. I also had to re-post - But happy that Blogger is back...Hope you got to read all your previous comments on this post before they were gobbled up - I really like both Tuesday and Wednesday's shirts...And I have liked them when you have worn them with other outfits as well...Lots of love

  12. I love that red shirt and the grey dress. Verrrry nice.


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