Sunday, May 15, 2011

outta whack

Hmm, its awful for me to admit, but my little world is out of whack.  I am sitting here and looking around me and going through the list in my head of all that I would like to sort and it dawned on me, that more than anything, my life is out of whack, the rhythm is off, I'm off, I'm somewhere but not here, present in body.

I need more energy to tackle all I'd like to and need to do - I've become  a complete S.H.E. in the most classic way.  The more I do, the less is getting done.  My head is so busy with all the stuff that I can't quiet myself to concentrate.  I find myself so easily distracted, flitting from one thing to the other, then realising suddenly that what I started off reading or doing is still sitting unfinished hours later ... sigh. 

Someone - send in the troupes, quite the voices, I'm drowing in my life!!!

I need to get the exams behind me, but the state of my home is distracting me and intruding on my thoughts and concentration. 

Well, sitting here complaining about it is not going to get it done and is certainly not going to get dinner finished and Jarod's stuff ready for his trip tomorrow.

Hope your head is quiet :-)


  1. I understand. That happens to all of us. Perhaps you should hire an assistant. :)

  2. Oi, my head doesn't belong to me right I think I know how you feel;-)

  3. Oh we all have these moments. That is when you need timeout away from the pc. Make a list and start one by one.

    You'll get there, i promise xx

  4. Hey sister, I'm right there with you. Trying to do things one at a time and also feeling like I am DROWNING ~ Actually my non-breathing comes from having my head firmly stuck in the sand!!!
    I will apply for the position of assistant ~ if you like? Maybe we can send everyone out next Sunday and get some stuff done??? Love you ... Lynn

  5. is a full moon on Tuesday. It affects tides, geomagnetic fields and mothers! Hang in there...this too shall pass.

  6. I agree! We all get through that! Try to balance unpaid bills and getting a job in a futureless country on top of that!! Well... you get the picture! I blame the full moon too! Keep breathing!! It'll pass...

  7. Hey Wends, it seems we have all got that feeling at the moment!


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