Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Behind the look, as with everyone, is a life happening. 

Dreams, intentions, disappointments, commitments, expectations and more. 

All the things that make up life.

There are things brewing in my head and heart and as I work through all the 'stuff' I find that Christine Kane really keeps me motivated and focusing on my 'dream'.  

I happened upon her articles last year and chose a word for the last quarter of the year and this year have really been battling with making a choice ... today I've finally gotten to my word - Thriving.  I need to be thriving in myself, in my ambitions, in my dreams, in my choices, in my decisions - thrive!  I have decided to use an action word and keep it something to work towards.  I am thriving - when I stop the pity party I see how much I've got, how much is working and I realise, despite the usual hassles of life - me, myself and I - Wendy - I'm thriving, small steps - baby steps = but advancing all the same.

Main Entry: thrive
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: do well
Synonyms: advance, arrive, batten, bear fruit, bloom, blossom, boom, burgeon, develop, flourish, get ahead, get fat, get on, get places, get there, grow, grow rich, increase, make a go, mushroom, progress, prosper, radiate, rise, score*, shine, shoot up, succeed, turn out well, wax
Antonyms: decline, fail, languish, lose
* = informal/non-formal usage
Main Entry: thriving
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: successful
Synonyms: advancing, arrived, blooming, booming, burgeoning, cooking*, developing, doing well, flourishing, going strong, growing, have it made, have the wherewithal, healthy, home free, on top of heap, progressing, prolific, prospering, prosperous, rich, roaring, robust, rolling, sitting pretty, wealthy
Antonyms: declining, failing, languishing, losing

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  1. Excellent word: it has embedded within it great messages of hope, optimism, effort and joy. Good luck with it.


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