Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Catch up

So Monday, as you may have read, we said goodbye to our blue-eyed girl and I had class.  Then Tuesday, I got a migraine in the afternoon and by the time dinner was done, my head was 'outta the game' - the reason for now updates.  Today - I'm doing good ... and here's the weeks roundup.
One day I'll get brave and make the space and really jump, or something ...

Anyone for bowling?
 Shirt : Woolworths (from my sister) | Trousers : Truworths | Belt : Edgars | Shoes : Jet | Necklace & Earrings : Justine Cosmetics
Tuesday - Betty Boo
 Shirt : Local Chinese Store | Skirt : The Hub | Shoes : Merien Hall | Necklace : Honey Accessories

A 70's look going on here?
 Shirt : Truworths | Skirt : Mr Price | Shoes : Makro | Necklace & earrings : Gift from Miz T
A wee bit serious

I love the embroidery detail in the shirt
Yesterdays outfit I was told by one of the guys at work looked like Betty Boo and today, another guy said I looked pregnant, he really didn't like this look on me.  The tea ladies said it looked good, as did Courts, Felicia and G-man.  What do you think?


  1. I like all of the outfits; what I like even more is the boldness of your poses. You seem to be acquiring greater confidence. It shows in your body-posture and experiments.

  2. First off, kick the guy who said you look preg. that jerk!! you do NOT!!!! I like the skirt outfits best and you look fab in them( because I am a skirt girl myself :)

  3. I love the sheer top and black skirt! You look adorable!

  4. I love them all!! But I think you look more sexy in the total black outfit! I'm glad you're feeling better dear! :)

  5. You always look good and you are getting more comfortable in front of the camera.

  6. Hi Wendy, thanks for the comments on my blog! I answered them there, but just wanted to say you look great in these outfits! I'm also sorry to hear about your cat. I also love cats, so it just breaks my heart!


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