Thursday, March 17, 2011

March 17 - New addition

Did I mention my little Sale shopping spree at Woolworths' 50% off sale about a week ago?  I think I did, because that was when I got the skinny jeans and delicious green top.  Todays pants were bought at the same time ... along with a striped mans shirt I have not worn as yet.

Picture invader No. 1

Picture invaders No. 2 & 3

Rolling my eyes ... they all N.E.E.D to pose with me, why dont they start their own blogs? lol
These pants are so comfortable, I think I may wear them for our ride down to Clarens in April, I think they'll be great on the bike ... just the narrow legs may pose a challenge.

Details : Trousers - Woolworths, Shirt - Ltd, Truworths, Jacket - Truworths, Sandals - Juliette.

Now I wanted to get back to the Tsonga boots I mentioned a day or two ago ... finally their site had the pictures up.  The first pair I only just spotted tonight, but the second pair I saw in one of the stores at our local mall ... I'm smitten.  Another reason I'm keen on them, besides that they're hand made, is that they are empowering a previously disadvantage community in Kwa-Zulu Natal.  Only question now, (since I'm neither Oprah nor JK Rowlings) which one do I go for?  G-man suggests buying one left boot in one style and colour, and one right boot in the other ... just imagine the looks I'll solicit ... lol.




  1. G-man sounds like quite the smarty pants. ;)

    My vote is for the Dakisa boots.

  2. I love the Tsonga boots...why not a pair of each?

  3. Hmm...I think I'm a fan of the Ikloba boots. The details on them are absolutely stunning. But the Dakisa are beautiful too, so you really can't go wrong. Thanks for sharing the info on these great boots!


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